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Healthcare-Related Businesses

Arabian Medical Products Manufacturing Company (ENAYAH)

Arabian Medical Products Manufacturing Company, known as ENAYAH, is the Saudi manufacturer of Kimberly-Clark disposable health care products specially designed for the surgical arts.

Established in late 1991, ENAYAH is a joint venture of The Olayan Group, Kimberly-Clark Corporation and the Saudi Pharmaceutical & Medical Appliances Company (SPIMACO). Commercial production commenced in the first half of 1992 at the company's 6,000-square-meter plant in Riyadh's Second Industrial Estate. The plant is equipped with the latest manufacturing technology and has its own sterilization facility.

ENAYAH manufactures a wide range of disposable products in five major categories: gowns, draping systems or packs, components, accessories and sterilization wraps. The Kimberly-Clark line of disposables is known for its strength, versatility and efficiency. It includes headwear and footwear, lab coats, hospital coveralls, patient gowns and aprons. Its packs range from the basic to highly specialized for such procedures as cesarean section, femoral angiography, laparoscopic cholecystectomy, EENT, laparotomy, lithotomy, cystoscopy, OB procedures and cardiovascular surgery.

In addition, ENAYAH makes coveralls for the industrial sector.

ENAYAH produces a standard range of disposables, but it can also produce customized healthcare products and industrial coveralls to meet special requirements.

ENAYAH strives to deliver the best quality products and services to its customers throughout Saudi Arabia and exports to other Gulf countries and Jordan. It has also exported to countries outside the Middle East, including the United States and United Kingdom.