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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Health Water Bottling Co. Ltd. (HWBC)

Early on, The Olayan Group recognized the growing consumer market in Saudi Arabia and created businesses to meet consumer needs, among them the Health Water Bottling Co. Ltd. (HWBC).

Formed in 1973, HWBC is one of the largest and oldest water bottling companies in the Kingdom, and was the first to be awarded the "Quality Mark" by the Saudi Arabian Standards Organization. Today, the company is a member of the International Bottled Water Association (IBWA).

The company has expanded and relocated to a modern new plant 100 kilometers east of Riyadh within the Nufoud Al Wase'e, a protected area famous for its water resources. The new plant is equipped with advanced systems, and the range of bottled water produced there meets the wide requirements of the country.

The company recently launched a new brand of bottled water called Nova, and has diversified into other lines of beverages. It has obtained sole agency rights to market and distribute such products as Holsten non-alcoholic beer and Power Horse energy drink.