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Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Olayan Kimberly-Clark (OKC)

The extraordinary recent growth of the Saudi economy has presented immense challenges to the Kingdom's economic planners, including the need to develop local manufacturing capabilities to decrease import needs, while offering export possibilities. Which brings us to diapers.

Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand is a sales leader in the multi-billion dollar worldwide disposable diaper market. Introduced in 1978, Huggies are a premium product noted for their excellent absorbency and fit.

Olayan affiliations with Kimberly-Clark date back to 1955 when the General Trading Company began importing the famous Kleenex brand facial tissues to Saudi Arabia. Later, individual manufacturing agreements were made to produce Kleenex tissues, then Kotex feminine napkins and, in 1989, Huggies diapers. Olayan Kimberly-Clark Arabia Company (OKA) and the National Child Care Products Company (NCCP) were established in Al-Khobar to locally manufacture these world-famous products for both the Saudi market and export.

The Olayan/Kimberly-Clark relationship advanced to a new level in 1994, when the joint venture partners opened a paper mill in Bahrain. The ultra-modern plant not only supplies feedstock to the tissue-converting operation in Saudi Arabia, but also exports tissue hard rolls elsewhere in the Gulf and beyond.