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Olayan Saudi Holding Company


Companies by Core Sector

Today OSHCO operates in five economically attractive sectors: Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Health & Personal Care, ICT & Industrial Services and Energy Services. Each sector is led by experts within the field and the portfolio in total is comprised of over 20 operating companies.

National Energy Services Reunited Corporation (NESR)

NESR is one of the largest oilfield services provider in the MENA region. NESR started out as special purpose acquisition corporation, SPAC, designed to invest in the oilfield services space globally in May 2017. In November 2017, NESR announced the acquisition of two most prominent oilfield services companies in the MENA region: Gulf Energy SAOC (GES) and National Petroleum Services (NPS). The formation of NESR as an operating entity was completed in June 2018.

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Olayan Descon Industrial Company Ltd. (ODICO) / Olayan Descon Engineering Company Ltd. (ODECO)

Olayan Descon was established in 1981 in the Industrial City of Jubail as a strategic joint venture with Descon Engineering Ltd., a leading Pakistani EPC company. Today, the enterprise known as Olayan Descon is comprised of Olayan Descon Industrial Company Ltd. (ODICO) and Olayan Descon Engineering Company (ODECO).

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Olayan Energy Limited (OEL)

Olayan Energy Limited (OEL) is a leading player in power rental segment in the Saudi Arabian market providing single-window solutions for all power related requirements. They service medium-to-long term power projects up to 750 megawatt (MW) while also offering repair and maintenance to clients’ generating equipment. Due to the level of capability and expertise OEL is able to service the following various sectors:

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Weir Arabian Metals Company (WEIR)

Weir Arabian Metals Company (WEIR) is an engineering and general machining affiliate of The Olayan Group. Located in the Dammam Second Industrial City, AMCO was formed in 1977 primarily to serve the oil field industry in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Today, AMCO is a joint venture between Olayan and Weir Group PLC, based in the UK, with over 125 years experience in rotating equipment and APS (Advance Parts Solutions). The company holds seven American Petroleum Institute (API) licenses and is registered under APIQR.

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