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Olayan Saudi Holding Company


Companies by Core Sector

Today OSHCO operates in five economically attractive sectors: Food & Beverage, Restaurants, Health & Personal Care, ICT & Industrial Services and Energy Services. Each sector is led by experts within the field and the portfolio in total is comprised of over 20 operating companies.

Arabian Health Care (AHC)

Arabian Health Care (AHC), founded in Riyadh in 1979, occupies a leading position in the Saudi medical business market as a distributor of a wide array of medical and pharmaceutical products. These include robotic systems, pharmacy automation systems, renal equipment, capital equipment, implantable prostheses, medical disposables and critical care products used in CCUs and operating rooms.

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Arabian Medical Products Manufacturing Company (ENAYAH)

Arabian Medical Products Manufacturing Company, known as ENAYAH, is the Saudi manufacturer of Kimberly-Clark disposable health care products specially designed for the surgical arts.

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Baxter Company Limited (BCL)

Baxter Company Limited (BCL) was formed as a joint venture in the fall of 2009 between The Olayan Group and Baxter Healthcare Corporation. 

The new company marked the opening of Baxter’s 58th factory worldwide and the first facility in the Middle East region.  BCL manufactures intravenous medical solutions and peritoneal dialysis solutions for renal disease patients.

Olayan has enjoyed a 30-year relationship with Baxter; Arabian Healthcare Supply Company (AHSC), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Olayan Group continues to provide Baxter products.  

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Colgate-Palmolive Arabia Ltd. (CPAL)

Colgate-Palmolive returned to the Gulf region in October 1986 after a long absence. In 1990, Colgate-Palmolive Arabia Ltd. (CPAL) was formed as a joint venture between Olayan and the New York-based Colgate-Palmolive Company, a world leader in personal and household care products.

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Olayan Kimberly-Clark (OKC)

The extraordinary recent growth of the Saudi economy has presented immense challenges to the Kingdom's economic planners, including the need to develop local manufacturing capabilities to decrease import needs, while offering export possibilities. Which brings us to diapers.

Kimberly-Clark's Huggies brand is a sales leader in the multi-billion dollar worldwide disposable diaper market. Introduced in 1978, Huggies are a premium product noted for their excellent absorbency and fit.

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Select Arabia

Select Arabia for Extended Care & Rehabilitation is a joint venture company owned by Olayan Group & Select Medical from USA who own more than 130 hospitals, 1600 OP rehab centers and 300 occupational clinics with more than 41K employees.

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