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Health & Personal Care

Olayan Kimberly-Clark (OKC)

OSHCO’s affiliation with Kimberly-Clark dates back to 1955 when the General Trading Company began importing the famous Kleenex brand of facial tissues into Saudi Arabia. Over the years and with the right market conditions the simple distribution relationship was able to evolve into multiple standalone joint venture partnerships with production facilities, independent marketing, sales and distribution networks within the country and throughout the region. In 1989, Olayan Kimberly-Clark Arabia Company (OKA) and Olayan-Kimberly Child Care Products Co. (OKCPC) were established in Al-Khobar to locally manufacture these world-famous products for both the Saudi market and export.  In 1994, another milestone was reached, when the joint venture opened a paper mill in Bahrain. The plant, Olayan Kimberly-Clark Bahrain (OKB), not only supplies feedstock to the tissue-converting operation in Saudi Arabia, but also exports tissue hard rolls elsewhere in the Gulf and beyond.